The year was 2013, and while you were fixated on the incomprehensible and hypnotic charm of the Harlem Shake, we were hard at work. We sought to build a restaurant that at once embodied the colorful revelry of Lucha Libre culture and the distinct pleasure of Mexican food in its ideal form. Before long, Lucha Cartel sprung forth from our magnificent loins, and we gathered the final materials to realize our dream-- tender pork carnitas slow-cooked in a simmering bath of spiced citrus, sweet Mexican coke and their own delectable juices; mean, green, spinach-laced corn tortillas; a simple sprinkling of cilantro and onions... These modest morsels became a taco. A single tear crested the masked cheek of an otherwise unflappable luchador.

Literally meaning “fight agreement,” Lucha Cartel is an expression that proposes we treat others the way we’d like to be treated. We serve you the food we ourselves gleefully devour when we’re not assisting you lovely people. We offer you the drinks we like to drink.

...We like to drink tequila. We like to salsa dance on Tuesdays and party it up Latin style on Sundays late night. We like to put cheese inside of AND on top of a quesadilla, because life is not about limits. Rather, life is about cheese, and if that sounds like something you’re into, we’ll be here all week.



what is a luchador?

A hero, a saint, a professional wrestler who wears a mask.

Isn't Cartel a Bad Word?

It's no "cellar door" but it's a pretty good signifier of the concept it represents.

Is the chef single?

That depends on who's asking.

Is it true that the most beautiful women dance on salsa night here?

All women are the most beautiful women, and they all dance here on Tuesday nights.

Why is an order of tacos 4 hard shell or 3 soft shell?

Based on extensive research, our taco scientists have reached discovered a Golden Taco Ratio in that if X = Hard Tacos (HD) and Y = Soft Tacos (ST) then 4X HT = 3Y ST. Please don't question us any further about the math.

What are the happy hour specials?


Where are the bathrooms?

See the bar? You're getting warm. Now look further left. See the stairs? You're heating up! They're down the stairs there.

Where can I get those badass skateboards from?

The decks were painted by Jesus Christos and his Luchador apostles and more of his work can be found on